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How you can add your name on the National Monument of Migration

AMSA is celebrating 185 years of Migration History! We are honouring Malaysian and Singaporean immigrants and their contributions to building our nation, Australia.

Migrants have helped shape the history of Australia, and their stories, lives and commitment to a new life have become a part of the rich tapestry of Australia's history. The Australian Malaysian Singaporean Association Inc (AMSA) and the Australian National Maritime Museum have come together to celebrate our amazing migration history with Brilliant-Online Magazine as their media partner and Phillip Au & Associates as major sponsor.

Honour a migrant

The Australian National Maritime Museum is hosting Australia's National Monument to Migration, one of the museum's flagship creations which wraps and weaves acknowledgement, commemoration, celebration and interpretation of migrant histories into an exposition of identity.
This is a huge wall that features the names of more than 31,000 migrants from 136 countries including 114 from Malaysia and 40 from Singapore.
AMSA members and guests were invited to a Zoom call on Wednesday 26 October 2022 with the Museum to acknowledge, commemorate, celebrate and interpret all the migrant histories into an exposition of identity.

Speakers were Tina Koutsogiannis from the Museum and Thomson Ch'ng, President of AMSA.

Listen to the recording below.

Adding a Name to the Monument and More

If you have immigrants among your circle of friends, or whose families were immigrants, why not get curious about their stories and experiences? And if there is someone you wish to honour, the Museum is now accepting names for the next panel on the Monument with a donation of $500.

The next closing date is 22 December, 2022.

As an acknowledgement of your tax-deductible gift of $500, your name, or the name of a family member, relative, co-worker or friend will be etched in bronze onto the museum's Australia’s National Monument to Migration in recognition of their journey across the seas to make Australia their new home.

The $500 donation goes to the Migration Heritage Fund. It is part of the Museum's ongoing commitment to telling Australia's migration stories. A brief biographical note will be published on the Museum's website. Right now, the Museum is collecting a selection of stories from all of these names. A compilation of all these names is a way to tell the story of modern Australia.

To acknowledge your support, you will receive:

  • A personal inscription in bronze on Australia's National Monument to Migration.

  • Donors can contribute a brief story about the person being honoured. This dedicated online profile page can have a maximum of 3000 characters with a maximum of 10 photos and can be securely managed and shared with friends and family.

  • Research functionality: search other names who may have arrived via the same vessel / time.

  • Exclusive invitation to a donor recognition ceremony for new inscriptions on the National Monument. The next ceremony will be held in May 2023.

  • A tax-deductible receipt.

For further information go to

The Celebration continues with AMSA's Annual Dinner

We will be holding our Annual Dinner at the Australian National Maritime Museum and we invite everyone to journey through the past, present and future with us. It will be a special night of Migration Stories, in honour of Malaysian and Singaporean immigrants and their contribution to building our nation. And here's a royal treat if you can come - we have invited Chef Jackie M to curate our Peranakan, Nonya Cuisine at the dinner!

Date: Saturday 10th December 6pm

Venue: Australian National Maritime Museum, 2 Murray St, Sydney NSW 2000 (Darling Harbour)

If you are travelling into Sydney, you can contact these hotels directly and arrange for your accommodation.
– The Grace Sydney, 77 York Street, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia Phone: +612 9272 6888
– The Fullerton Hotel Sydney, 1 Martin Pl, Sydney NSW 2000 Phone: +612 8223 1111


Media contact at AMSA: Veronica Lind

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