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Khee Yang Teh (Benedict)

Head of Membership

Khee Yang Teh Benedict | AMSA Committee Member | Australian Malaysian Singaporean Association
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Benedict was born in Bukit Mertajam and raised in Ipoh, which gives him the unique identities of being both a "Penang Kia" and "Yi Bou Yan." He found his way to Australia to pursue his studies and discovered the exciting opportunity to participate in a twinning program from Malaysia. Graduating with a Master's Degree in IT from the prestigious University of Wollongong, he now finds himself working in Wollongong.


He is honored to serve as a committee member in AMSA. Being in a foreign country, AMSA has become a second family to him and a supportive community where we all look out for one another.


Fun Fact: Ben has a genuine passion for playing football however does not find much enjoyment in watching football matches!

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