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AMSA's memberships are open to all nationalities and we welcome people from all walks of life to join our association. As we continue our efforts to reach out to all Malaysian and Singaporean communities living in Australia, we appreciate that you tell your friends and families about AMSA.

We are committed to giving value to our members and sponsors and running great events that are well attended. Many members and friends appreciate our makan events, bushwalking, tennis, meet and mingle, business drinks, cultural events and AMSA's Annual Dinner.

Our dynamic committee are all volunteers working to contribute and make a difference, and we warmly invite you to get involved as a volunteer to help run AMSA alongside us.

We are confident that with the active participation and support of our members and sponsors, AMSA will continue to thrive and to continue to serve the interest of our diverse communities in Australia.

Let's make AMSA a better home away from home for everyone.

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Standard Memberships

Standard memberships are offered to Individuals and Couples.

Single membership fee:

$30 for one year

$60 for three years

Couple membership fee:

$50 for one year

$100 for three years


Corporate Memberships

Corporate memberships are offered to all businesses and businesses with Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities.

Gold membership fee:

$600 for one year

$1,200 for three years

Diamond membership fee:

$1,000 for one year

$2,000 for three years

Platinum membership fee:

$3,000 for one year

$6,000 for three years

Sponsor memberships:

Please enquire with AMSA.



Event Sponsors

Major Event Sponsors e.g. AMSA's Annual Dinner. 

Type of Sponsorships available:

Event sponsors

Dinner sponsors

Venue sponsors

Photo and video sponsors

Supporting Sponsors

Major partner sponsors

Please enquire with AMSA.


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