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Neena Goh

Honorary Secretary

Neena Goh | Honorary Secretary | AMSA | Australian Malaysian Singaporean Association
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Neena is an experienced property manager and advocate for international students. Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, she embarked on a journey of education and personal growth that has taken her from 6 years of boarding school in Adelaide, Australia, to an audio engineering course in Los Angeles, USA. Neena’s education journey has provided her with exposure to a vibrant entertainment industry and the opportunity to build connections with people from diverse backgrounds. 
With a desire to broaden her understanding of the hospitality industry, Neena pursued studies in hotel and events management, completing her bachelor's degree in Switzerland. In 2017, she returned to Australia, equipped with valuable work experience from Malaysia and a deep empathy for international students based on her own experiences. Neena currently serves as a property manager at the largest operator of student accommodation in Australia.
Drawing on her own journey as an international student, Neena continues to provide guidance and support to residents from various countries and backgrounds. She strives to provide a nurturing and inclusive environment, ensuring that her residents receive the same level of care and support that she received during her own study abroad adventures. In addition to her professional pursuits, Neena finds joy in art and music, particularly playing the piano and DJing, as well as spending quality time with her friends and family.
She is driven by a continuous desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those she interacts with. Having experienced the benefits of international education firsthand, she looks forward to providing her contributions to the Malaysian and Singaporean community.

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