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Jessica CHOI

Honorary Secretary

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Born and raised in Singapore, Jess (unsurprisingly) loves enjoying great food, tea, and enjoying nature by going on coastal and bush walks. As an ENFP, Jess loves meeting new people, learning about everyone’s adventures and interests, and helping others. Jess is a Sustainability Consultant within the Strategy team in commercial real estate, pursuing her passion in sustainability after completing her Master in Sustainability from the University of Sydney. She brings her positive attitude and strategic thinking to advise her clients on how they can improve the sustainability qualities and initiatives of their organisation, real-estate portfolio or assets to provide the best sustainability outcomes for people and planet.


In University, Jess was part of the team that started the Geoscience Society at the University of Sydney in 2019 as the Vice President, eventually taking over as President for 2 terms, growing the society and leading her team to provide activities and networking opportunities for geoscience students and environment enthusiasts at the University.


Jess prides herself as an organised and go-getter individual that is excited to be part of the team that will continue providing for the needs of AMSA’s members, and growing the Association’s outreach to positively impact other Singaporeans and Malaysians in Australia by being a ‘home away from home’.

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