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Veronica LIND

Head of Branding, Marketing & Communications

Veronica Lind, Head of Branding, Marketing & Communications | AMSA | Australian Malaysian Singaporean Association
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This Singapore Teochew Ah Nia, Veronica Lind spoke 7 languages and dialects before she came to work with IBM Australia in 2002. 


Veronica is the co-founder of a Modern Marketing Agency based in Australia and Singapore, Vermilion Pinstripes. Her technological dexterity and vast experience in sales, business development and marketing have attracted the attention of clients in regional and global markets. 


To sell without selling is a key virtue she promotes and is part of her Modern Marketing Framework™ which she trademarked in 2018. It has given businesses a boost of confidence and helped them to thrive. 


Veronica has two magazines under her belt - Propwash, an aviation magazine with 25,000 followers and Brilliant-Online, the glossy online interactive magazine with multi-media reading and advertising.


When Veronica is not busy driving sales or creating branding and marketing campaigns, she enjoys concocting recipes with her spices. Try her hot chilli sauce with Singapore Chicken Rice!


As Branding, Marketing and Communications for AMSA, Veronica hopes to bring Malaysians and Singaporeans in Australia even closer together.

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