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Business After 5 with Andrew Buay (VP of Optus)

This was an amazing opportunity to network, socialise, understand the Malaysian culture and good food and be inspired by inspirational speaker. AMSA members benefited from expanding their network of people and getting advices that will assist their careers and businesses.

AMSA was honoured to have the opportunity of having Andrew Buay, Vice President, Group Sustainability at Optus, presenting an interesting and inspirational presentation on pathway to purpose, in May 2021. We were joined by around 50 of our members and non-members from all walks of life. Andrew Buay shared various stories about his personal life, professional career, and his love of Malaysian and Singaporean cuisine.

Andrew Buay spoke about ‘Purpose’ and shared his experiences on how he discovered passion and purpose. This inspired all the attendees to reflect on these impactful words and utilise this philosophy in their daily lives. Andrew encouraged all the attendees to not be afraid of taking risks if you are chasing an opportunity that you are passionate about. He shared his stories where Andrew stepped down a senior position in order to pursue a passion in coaching and assisting people in establishing their purpose in what they do.

This event invited all attendees to taste the delicious Malaysian cuisine while listening to an inspiring life lesson and encouraging speech. The attendees were also given the opportunity to socialise and network with the rest of the attendees. It was a great chance for many to share their business experiences and their aspirations. There was also a time for all attendees to introduce themselves and what they do to the rest of the attendees as well as Andrew Buay. At the end of the speech, there was also a Q and A session that attendees were able to ask Andrew questions and advices.

Thank you to Shaw & Partners for hosting us at their office in Chifley Tower, Sydney.

AMSA Executive Committee with Andrew Buay (VP of Optus) and Jonathan Mitchell (Shaw & Partners) Chifley Tower in Sydney
AMSA Executive Committee with Andrew Buay (VP of Optus) and Jonathan Mitchell (Shaw & Partners)

AMSA Executive Committee Member – Thomson Chng
AMSA Executive Committee Member – Thomson Chng

AMSA members meet at Shaw and Partners in Sydney
With AMSA members at the event

Jonathan Mitchell (Shaw & Partners) Our host of the night at AMSA members Event in Sydney
Our host of the night – Jonathan Mitchell (Shaw & Partners)

Upper Resto Café catering an AMSA event in Sydney
It can’t be an AMSA event without delicious Mee Goreng and Kuehs ! Thank you to Upper Resto Cafe for catering

AMSA Executive Committee 2020/2021 in Sydney
AMSA Executive Committee 2020/2021


31-08-2022 @ 05:00 PM


Shaw & Partners Level 7, 2 Chifley Square Sydney


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