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Deb-B Seven CHEW

Convenor (Queensland Network)

Deb-Be Seven Chew AMSA Queensland Convenor_edited.png
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Evolution of a New Luxury, the Ipoh girl alludes to her childhood memories. Asian family, 3rd generation of Chinese. Deb-B parents lived in the middle class, traditional yet refined HUMBLE LUXURY background. The Luxury has nothing to do with the wealth nor the exclusivity or splendour, “we make our living by giving,” her dad said. She then adopted the mindset, Give before we Make. The influence of her parents has shaped her to set her giving without boundaries goal. She believes that higher education could reshape the philanthropy mindset of many.

Deb-B obtained her EMBA from QUT and MBA from Golden State University, USA. She further queried how to unlock the human capital and integrate it into the marketplace. Her hunger questions have pushed her further education, and she has been certified as a corporate investor and Licensed Financial Advisor from Wealth Within Institute Melbourne and CMFAS, Singapore. As an alumnus of Oxford, Said Business School, and Harvard Business School, she actively updates her knowledge and seeks guidance from her professors and mentors. She migrated to Australia in 2008; she used her skill set to identify the opportunity and invested in numerous companies ranging from Health Care, Hospital, Biotech, Biopharma, Fintech & EdTech. She is very involved in incubating and accelerating the potential portfolio and creating significant value for the stakeholders.

Deb-B is certified as a coach from ICF at the corporate level and is actively involved in mentoring and coaching. She is one of the AIM-Australia Institute of Management mentors, Future lab& Genius U . She co-founded the mentoring platform to support High School Students, Uni Students, Millennial professionals, and Employees. She has recently formed Lighthouse Ventures as the Impact Investment arm that could bring a positive disruptive force to society and the community. As part of the AMSA committee, the opportunity will align the same belief system of ”Giving“.

Deb-B enjoys bonding and spending quality time with her two young adult daughters. She valued the saying, “IGNITE YOUR DREAM, IMMERSE, & INSPIRE.”

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