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Leonard HO

Convenor (Northern Territory Network)

Leonard Ho, Convenor, Northern Territory, AMSA_edited.png

Leonard came to Australia in 2013 as an international student to pursue his higher education - Bachelor of Nursing, at the University of South Australia, Adelaide.


He was elected as an international student rep to advocate for international students with the University South Australia Student Association. He created a Student Food Hub community to help students to access food on campus after hours at a cheaper rate. He loves to connect and mingle with people especially promoting culture through his live demonstration of Teh Tarik at different university events. 


After graduating, Leonard now works as a health specialist, providing consultations, training education and clinical governance with the Department of Health, Northern Territory. He has recently completed a postgraduate certificate in Health Service Management and partly working on international projects - the health education space, between Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia.  


Leonard has many life aspirations and one of them is to connect people from different cultures over food and drinks. In fact, Darwin is one of the states in Australia that makes one feel like living in an Asia country. Besides, he loves reviewing local food experiences on his IG and FB page account:Leon's Kitchen, and sharing that experience with his friends, family and followers. 


As we all know, Jom Makan- is a term often used in Malaysia, not only let's grab some food but to spend quality time together. 

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