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Head of Branding, Marketing & Communications

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Born and raised in Indonesia, Cindy Christella combines international education business expertise with enthusiasm, managing operations in both Australia and Indonesia. Fluent in Bahasa and English, she also spent four years in high school in China, where she picked up Mandarin. Now, she's enjoying the challenge of learning Japanese to further expand her linguistic skills.

Cindy's leadership shines with her ability to tackle local challenges with a global mindset, enriched by her Permanent Resident status in Australia. She's currently pursuing a Graduate Diploma of Migration Law at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), which is a key part of her professional journey. Licensed by QEAC and working towards her Capstone Exam certification to become a Migration Agent, Cindy is actively involved in various professional organizations. These include The Law Society of New South Wales, the Law and Society Association of Australia and New Zealand, AMSA (Australian Malaysian Singaporean Association), ISEAA (International Student Education Agents Association), and Professional Photographers of America (PPA). 

Cindy’s got big plans! She’s all about continuous learning and personal growth, but it's not all work for Cindy. She’s a creative spirit who loves storytelling and photography. She’s always up for new challenges and has a bucket list featuring Mongolia, the Middle East, and Africa. She even knocked Africa off her list earlier this year, spending a whole month there!

Cindy is always proud of her role in the Australian Malaysian Singaporean Association and eager to support its mission. Her passion for education extends beyond just helping international students. She is also involved in various educational outreach programs.

Who knows? This time, Cindy might be capturing your photos and sharing your stories with the AMSA community. Have fun!

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