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AMSA 2023 Annual Dinner

Saturday 4th November 2023 6pm

Join us to celebrate Friendship, Multiculturalism & Excellence


This year the AMSA Annual Dinner will be held at Accor Stadium in the Members' Room which is a magnificent space featuring soaring 6 metre ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows flooding the room with natural light.  


"Australia is proudly one of the world’s most vibrant and successful multicultural societies. Widespread community support for multiculturalism is one of our major strengths as a nation.” 

The Hon. Andrew Giles MP

Australian Minister for Immigration, Citizenship and Multicultural Affairs

Celebrating Friendship, Multiculturalism & Excellence

We are so proud to be AMSA and proud to be Australian. We have all come together to build and foster an open, inviting space for a gathering of different cultures.


As Australia celebrates 50 years of Multiculturalism, honouring each and every distinct identity coming together to make Australia thrive, we at AMSA are honouring all the beautiful cultures that we are fortunate to share here, by celebrating Friendship, Multiculturalism and Excellence. 

Speak to any AMSA member, and you will be regaled with wonderful stories of friendship, of how we discovered at the very core we are the same in spite of coming from different cultural backgrounds, and how we are here to lift each other up, so we can all have opportunities to grow and excel.


Everyone’s success contributes tenfold back to the community. 

As long as we keep our network growing, AMSA’s doors will always be open to everyone who has come from all over to set up home in Australia.


Everyone’s experience, expertise, knowledge and skills are an important contribution to the success and growth of Australia. 

Be a part of our Friendship, Multiculturalism and Excellence. Celebrate with us at our annual dinner, where we can all toast to our beautiful connections across cultures, and to many more years to come. 

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