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Janson LIM

Head of Digital Innovation & Technology

Janson Lim Head of Digital Innovation and Technology AMSA_edited.png
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Janson is a technical manager in the data science and emerging technology space. He has worked in roles across advisory, product management and capital investments; across government agencies, tech companies and two co-founded startups.

Although born in Sydney, his father hails from Cameron Highlands in Malaysia, and his mother from Singapore.

He is a founding member of Hackmakers, AI4Diversity and Spotlit AI, and spends his free time volunteering in hackathons, watching sci-fi films and learning to cook.

He currently lives in Sydney, Australia, and has also lived and worked in East Asia; Guangzhou, Shanghai, Taipei and Seoul.

"As a second generation Malaysian-Australian, I would love to see more Malaysian and Asian representation in public life and re-connect to my cultural roots of my parents and family. Being part of AMSA has been a rewarding and accessible way to experience a small slice of this that I encourage everyone with relevant interest to join." - Janson Lim

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